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How it all began!

"Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words" is the brainchild of Eugene Pack.

As Pack explains, "I would listen to a lot of books-on-tape, particularly autobiographies, and was astounded at what people would write about. If I got a hold of one of the books, I'd read it out loud to a friend, and they'd insist I was making it up... but people actually wrote these words. I thought that putting the material up in front of an audience would be extremely entertaining."

One night, Pack had access to a comedy space and asked a group of fellow performers and comedians to bring in excerpts of autobiographies that were not necessarily written to be funny. The evening was an instant success — and it soon became a monthly performance piece, co-hosted and co-produced by Dayle Reyfel.

After covering over 300 different bios, "In Their Own Words" is never short of material because every week, someone else has written their life story!